Event description

Perth’s annual Astrofest attracts thousands of visitors to experience to wonders of the WA night sky, and a highlight of the event is always the stunning Astrophotography Exhibition and Competition featuring images from Western Australian photographers. Images range from familiar WA landscapes shown under the night sky, to deep space images making the invisible, visible through sensitive cameras and telescopes.

This year’s exhibition features many first time entrants and a fabulous selection of images taken around WA and the world. The University of Western Australia has a strong history of astronomical research. Our researchers look deeper into the amazing features of the Universe to understand what’s going on underneath, from supermassive black holes in the centre of galaxies, through to mysterious ‘Dark Matter’, seen only through the pull of its gravity.


No RSVP required.

Open to the public 7.00am - 10.00pm (Monday - Friday, during Research Week 2016)